Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry

Just a Thought

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  1. Wally without anything to say? Nooooo! It can’t be!!!!!!

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  2. Valid…completely valid. Some days are just an empty canvas waiting for Him to color our world. Well done Wally, well done!

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  3. πŸ˜†

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  4. Glad I’m not losing my mind😍

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  5. Ummmm, what can I say??????

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  6. Wally, my suspicion is you are sending out these blank posts just to see who robotically “likes” them. Can’t fool me, brother.

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    • LOL, Tom. I actually did do that once. Actually, the content said something like “Checking to see who reads this.” Mean huh?

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    • LOL Tom that tickled me. During our VBS the Holy Spirit really moved. We had 10 young people saved and our youth program has just gone nuts. It’s become normal for us to have 35 or more young people even on a Sunday. We only have 100 usually in church. 35 young folks, in church Sunday morning, listening to a sermon. Crazy.

      But that’s not the point. Point is, closing program at VBS it was as if the Spirit were literally walking among us. Several young hands were placed in the air. One old pair was, and that was mine. According to my step daughter, I almost caused a riot from the grumpy section. Apparently they got over it.

      You may have just inspired a post, my friend, about the old and the new. Thanks!

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      • Great, Wally. I often think of David dancing before the tabernacle and getting the big put down from his wife. I usually end up crying a bit out of sheer joy during worship singing every Sunday. Getting very emotional as I get older or maybe really appreciating all the Lord has done for me.


      • Again, you have tickle me Tom. I love that story and have used it. Our song leader and I adore each other. She is very staid and proper…and I am not. Yet we do adore each other. One time she said we were singing “Holy Highway” which I just LOVE. So, I did a little happy dance. She said, “stop that you are dancing.”

        I then relayed that story of David and said she was acting like his wife LOL. She said, “but, you are moving your HIPS!”

        I then said..”oh, you mean like THIS?” and did my best Elvis imitation.

        LOL, she rolled her eyes and told me to go sit down.

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      • LOL. That’s funny stuff! I guess the moral of the story is we can be overjoyed in our love for our Savior without asking permission.

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  7. This was one of those profound “Be still and know that He is God” moments, wasn’t it? I thought so…


  8. Wow 33 comments for the “silent” post!

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