A very uplifting, encouraging post from Julie and Choosing to Choose Happiness. Blessings and enjoy!


What if random acts of kindness were not random at all?  What if giving, just because, was the norm rather than a celebrated act? What would it accomplish?  How, if at all, would our world change?

Giving, in and of itself, is such an easy thing to do.  Yet, somehow, it’s become more of a rarity than part of our everyday lives. We give when it’s called for…on birthdays, when our employers, girl scouts or the random guy with an open guitar case asks us to.  We give offerings in church, put our change in the acrylic boxes at the checkout and can’t pass up the bell ringer during Christmastime.  All wonderful ways to give and hopefully appreciated.  But, what about giving for no reason whatsoever?

I take that back, giving is never for NO reason.  It not only helps the people we give to but it nourishes our souls.  It’s a rare occasion that we give and it doesn’t feel wonderful.  Yet, we wait for to be asked or for some sort of prompting most of the time.  A couple years back, RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness)  were a “thing”.  Everyone was doing it.  And it was amazing to see.  I still see some residual RAKs but why does it HAVE to be a trend?…..Read the rest of the post here: When Random Acts of Kindness Attack