Readers may remember I imageintroduced you all to our new family friend, Percy about a year and a half  ago. You can read about that here..Meet Percy.

I think most will remember that this was a really, really, really big concession for my wife, who didn’t like cats.(To be diplomatic about it LOL)

You can read about how Percy came to win her, and the rest of us,  over to his side of things here. Percy Redux- Odyssey of a Home Invader.  wpid-wp-1440371517925.jpg

20160407_063813_resized.jpg Soon, Percy turned a year old. He even tried to go on vacation with us last summer.percy

I wrote about how Percy learned how to train his humans to respond to his call here. How to train a Human

percy washer.jpg

Percy even likes to hang out while I write sometimes.

blogging buddy 02

But, his REAL best friend is the one person who in the beginning seemed least likely to succeed with a cat. Yep, my lovely bride, the cat hater.You can’t see her in these pictures because, well, that’s HER lap the cat is in!