As everybody knows, I have been working a crazy, crazy work schedule. First, I was covering for my boss who left. Then, I was competing for his job. Next, I got the job. I had to work like a madman to outshine all of my competition to get the job I was already doing, and once I actually got the job I was already doing, I then had to learn how to do the job I was already doing. I hope that makes sense LOL!!

So, it’s been forty some odd days without a day off. I am actually okay with that, as I actually love to work and see things happen. I mean, it’s not the ideal, but some things are simply needful. What is bad, however, is that I have not been in God’s House for almost 6 weeks, except for very brief moments at a time. I have made a preaching or two, and one Sunday School, but that has been about it.

Today, I plan to make the whole day. I will still take calls, as I will have guys working, but I don’t plan to actually go anywhere for the first time in a bunch of days. Why is this exciting to me? I just want to offer a few thoughts about what The Lord’s Day means to me. Okay, okay, before anybody says I am acting like some seeker friendly TV guy, allow me to caveat this: I know, I know, I know….that church is NOT about me. On the other hand, the One I worship is kind enough to really let me benefit from it.

I get to pray special, corporate prayers. Before the “official” happenings start on Sunday mornings, a small group of us meet for special prayer time. Prayer works, prayer is powerful, and prayer builds us up.

I get to teach other believers. Today is my turn to teach the adult Sunday School class. Anyone who teaches will get that without any explanation. It’s just special.

I get to praise and worship the One who holds me in His hands. We sing, we pray, we worship. It’s all about Him, and being about nothing but Him for an hour is….awesome.

I get to hear God’s Word boldly proclaimed. We still do that in my church. If you want seeker friendly fluff, don’t come see us. If you want convicting, edifying proclamation of God’s Work, our preacher is your man.

I get to SING praises. I love to sing to my Lord. I love the congregational singing, and I love singing in the choir. But, today is even more special. A couple my wife and I used to sing with are coming to visit, as they moved away. Our little quartet gets to reform for a least a few hours.

I get to fellowship with my extended family. My church IS family. I miss them desperately, and I hear they have missed me as well. My church is my circle. We love and take care of each other through thick and thin. We love, and sometimes we fight, sort of. Today is extra special, as it is 5th Sunday. We come for prayer, Sunday School, and worship, then we break. At that time we all eat until we look like Violet from Willy Wonka, and roll back in for another service in the afternoon. I get to spend all day with my extended family.

Is this a plug for church attendance? Yep, it sure is. I have discovered in the last 5 weeks just how vital it is to my overall well being. I miss God, and I suspect He misses me as well.

What are you doing this morning? Have you fallen away from assembling with other believers? Are you simply sleeping in, going fishing, or playing golf? Are you mad at somebody, or is somebody mad at you?

Please, put all of that aside and get yourself down to God’s House today. There may be a time and a place when you are no longer able to.

Will you be wishing you had taken the time when you had it?