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Somewhere in the past, someone concluded the primary reason children were leaving the church was somehow related to it’s boringness. There was a slow movement toward making entertainment more important than education and edification. And yet, in spite of the hyped up programs and entertainment schemes, kids are still exiting the church in droves.

One truth has become abundantly clear: Retainment by entertainment is ineffective.

If we want children and young adults to remain in the body of Christ, they need to be an integral part of it’s work. Instead of inventing ways to serve them, we need to teach them to serve others. We need to involve them in the important or they will go be an important part of something else.

Entrusting Children In the Church

As we discussed in the Engage segment of this series, children need to have meaningful relationships with Christians other than their parents. They need mentors.

Here are a few ways to get kids involved:…..Read the rest of the post here: Entrust: Involving Children in the Important within the church (part 2)