I work….a lot. The business I am in is very much in demand. People want what they want, and they want it now!

One of the reasons I work so much is that my boss, our manager, also needs days off. So, I cover him on his days off. Pretty much for the last year I have worked 6 day work weeks. What we do is quite demanding, and there is a constant focus on faster, better, money, money! Which cool, as capitalism and I are good buddies. Nothing quite like a good profit making machine to make the world go around.

Any way…seems my boss is transferring..so I have to be him for some undermined time until a permanent arrangement is made. The permanent arrangement may very well be me, but that is not for sure, but likely.

The point here is this: My boss has me

I don’t have a me. I have to be him…and me…for a while. Until I pick a me so I can just be him. Which is me.

Got all that?

Hopefully in the midst of all of this I will come up for air now and then!