Just a little rather biting humor for a Sunday morning from John Branyan. If you want to come to a place that is NOT like this, those of you reading this on Facebook know where to find us. Blessings and enjoy.


Why do ‘guests’ leave your church, never to return?

Obviously, you’re not providing what they want.

Well, there’s good news!

(Not that ‘good news’…)

This good news:

Webinar for Church

Breathe easy…this problem is fixable.

The advertised 5-step process will IMPACT your church…

…in ways, the Holy Spirit could never imagine.

You must ‘follow-up’ with guests.

Any good salesman will tell you that.

You must make people think they’re important.

If you don’t follow-up with guests, they’ll go to another church.

And your ego takes a hit.

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