Another Saturday night installment of Elihu’s Series RaisingGenNext. Blessings and enjoy!


Water rolled down her cheeks as she was lifted from the cool water. A thrill of joy sang within her. Her sins were gone! She was no longer lost! She wished Jesus would come right at that moment so she wouldn’t mess up this new life into which she was entering. After drying off, she re-entered the auditorium where a small crowd was waiting to hug and congratulate.

One older lady, embraced her tenderly and said, “The angels in heaven are rejoicing for you, dear.”

Yes, the angels were rejoicing! “And so am I!” she thought.

Two weeks later, the same girl lay curled up on the floor of her bedroom crying. She had made so many mistakes since her baptism. Was she really saved? Did she have to lose her best friend, be humiliated in science class and lose her temper with her mom? She thought being a Christian would mean that she would make fewer mistakes. It seemed as though she was just making more. She was having trouble keeping up with sermons and classes.

Maybe she would just skip worship services this morning…

When an individual chooses to follow Christ, Satan gets mad, then he gets ugly….Read the rest of the post here: Converting Converts into Strong Christians