Here is a  great post from a new blogging friend of mine, Ambassador’s Log. I love a great illustration, and this is one for sure. Blessings and enjoy!

Corrosion and sin seem to have something in common. Take a flashlight for example, as it ages, rust and corrosion build up inside.  You may have a fully charged battery but it may not  seem that way. As corrosion builds up it impairs the free flow of electrons which power the bulb giving us light. This can occur in several places within the flashlight itself, the base where the first battery’s negative pole touches or perhaps where the batteries touch, maybe the switch or even the connector of the bulb itself. Usually this can be remedied with a few swipes of fine sandpaper on all contact points. Why all? Usually, not paying attention to corrosion means that it’s gradually corroding at all of the contact points in varying degrees. That unfortunately means that the light output is impaired. Oh yes, we can use it like this but sometimes the light flickers, seems increasingly dimmer or goes out altogether. We may vigorously shake it around and get a bit of light for a moment, but it invariably fails. It’s not till we actually address the underlying problem of corrosion within the flashlight itself, that it will work as designed and give us a bright light. No analogy is perfect, neither is this one, because you could have batteries that are dead. But in contemplating the life of a child of God, I see the same things. The Holy Spirit within us is hampered and made less effective in our lives as a result of sin, He just cant operate like He once did. Sin has a corrosive effect on the life of a Christian. If you are a Christian, then it applies to you, because none of us is immune to it.  Perhaps we allow anger to permeate us with no allowance for forgiveness over some perceived or even real slight we have endured. This can result in sickness or weakness

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