Part Two of this study of the Disciple’s Prayer from Don at My Heart Is For Israel. Blessings and enjoy!

Sitting at the Feet of Yeshua

We continue in our study of the Disciple’s Prayer by unpacking Matthew 6:9.

The purpose of prayer is to glorify God’s name, and to ask for help to accomplish His will on earth.  This prayer begins with God’s interests, not ours: God’s name, God’s kingdom, and God’s will.

“Our Father in Heaven” ~ Matthew 6:9a

It might well be said that the word Father used of God is a compact summary of the Messianic faith.  The great value of this word Father is that it settles all the relationships of this life.

It settles our relationship to the unseen spiritual world.  Missionaries tell us that one of the greatest reliefs that monotheism brings to the heathen mind and heart is the certainty that there is only one God.  Pagan gods must all be placated, and a person can never be sure that he has not omitted the honor due to some of these gods.  The consequence is that the heathen lives in terror of the gods; he is “haunted and not helped by his religion.”

If we believe that God is Father, it settles our relationship with each other.  If God is Father, he is Father of all mankind.  The Disciple’s Prayer does not teach us to pray to My Father; it teaches us to pray Our Father.  It is very significant that in the Disciple’s Prayer the words I, me, and mine never occur.  Yeshua came to take these words out of life and to put in their place we, us, and ours.  The very phrase Our Father involves the elimination of self.  The fatherhood of God is the only possible basis for the brotherhood of mankind……read the rest of the post here: The Disciple’s Prayer ~ Part 2