We are told in God’s Word to be a light unto the world. Part of that world includes our fellow Christians. Here, with some great counsel on how to shine our light to fellow Christians is Elihu from Elihu’s Corner. Blessings and enjoy!

(This article is part of the series “Building GenNext.” You can read the previous post by clicking here.)

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No matter how old you are nor how long you’ve been a Christian, it’s your job to be a good example whether you are with Christians or non-believers. Your choices and lifestyle reflect what is in your heart. Do these things encourage or discourage your fellow Christians?

If we want to see the church stand firm tomorrow, we need to be a solid example of faith today. How do we shine our light to each other?

1) Serve God while Young

Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

~ 1 Timothy 4.12, NKJV

Often, those who become Christians while they are young have this subconscious idea that they aren’t there to serve, but be served. We need to abolish this concept. Do they still need a lot of instruction? Absolutely! But they also need to learn to be servants, trained to be leaders, and made aware of the impact of their example.

The above scripture was written by Paul the Apostle to Timothy, a young evangelist. I do not know how much of a youth Timothy was when this was written. I assume he was under 40, maybe even under 30 since most prophets began their ministry around 30. (If you know, please mention it in the comments!) Notice the six ways that Paul commands this young man to be an example (those of us who are older can bear this in mind too!):……read the rest of the post here: 4 ways to shine your light to fellow Christians