I have been thinking some lately about interactions with other believers, and non believers also. As I pondered this thought, this great post showed up in my e mail from Don at My Heart Is For Israel. Normally, Mondays are his here on this blog for his series on the Sermon on the Mount. Tonight, however, you get this instead. Blessings and enjoy!

This morning during my daily quiet time with the Lord, I was reading a devotion by Frank Martin. [1]  Frank was writing on Daniel 2:19-23 entitled Giving God the Credit.  His main point was that Daniel gave God credit and praise for reveling to him king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and the interpretation of it.

He stated: “The secret to Daniel’s wisdom and strength was that he never forgot where it came from.  He knew that if it weren’t for God he would have no reason to boast.  And because of it, he boasted only in God’s power, never in his own ability.”

He got a personal at the end and shared: “I have a simple prayer that I pray each morning before I write.……read the rest of the post here: A Prayer for Christian Bloggers