It’s Saturday night, and time for the next installment of the BuildingGenNext Series from Elihu at Elihu’s Corner. Blessings and enjoy!


The next three posts in this series are going to address the second in ‘E’ in Raising Gen-Next Christians: Exemplify: Demonstrating how a Christian ought to live. Before launching into the mechanics of how to be an example to our children, new Christians and other believers, we need to address who our example ought to be.

Several years ago, there was a commercial on TV in which a young boy was following his father everywhere and attempting to imitate him in every way. The commercial concluded with the Father smoking a cigarette and the son trying to mimic the action. The shock of that concluding seen was intended to discourage parents from smoking, because children would ultimately do the same. Our example shouts louder than our words.

When we become a Christian, we are born to a new life, adopted by God, and endowed with a new name. We have to re-learn how to live in order to resemble our new Father. Like a little child, we want to do what our Father does so we can make him happy. Jesus demonstrated this during his life on earth.

We have one small problem: Jesus lived on earth 2000 years ago! He didn’t live in modern-day society with all it’s quirks nor did the church exist while he was on earth. So how are we supposed to know what we ought to do in various situations? This is where good, hard, life-long analysis of God’s word and experienced Christians come in. Those who have been following the Lord for a long time should have a working knowledge of what God desires and should be an example worth following. If they reflect Jesus, they will be an example for others to do likewise.…..Read the rest of the post here: Do people see Jesus in your life?