Another Throwback Thursday. Blessings and enjoy! From November 2014

throw back thursday

Well, it’s time we all had a serious discussion here. So, prepare yourself for one. What I am about to admit will shock and even dismay many. It may break some hearts even.

I have been having some extremely serious and even contentious discussions with people who believe differently than I do about a very important subject. In my life, I am surrounded by people who believe the same way I do. It’s all I know.

Sadly, the arguments I have heard are extremely logical and compelling. Based on the strengths of these arguments, I feel compelled to turn my back on something I had believed with all of my heart only hours ago. Not only that, but to turn my back on the belief I share with everyone in my circle of family and friends. Here it is…confession time:

I no longer accept the premise that the Allied Invasion of Normandy during World War II is a verifiable historical event

If you will allow me to explain why I have turned my back on such a closely held belief, I will do my best to explain this sudden turn.

  • I simply cannot be shown proof that this even actually happened. I was not there, and I don’t know anyone who was actually there, either. Therefore I maintain the invasion never occurred.
  • There are a few older gentlemen still around who claim to be eyewitnesses. But they only know the little slice they saw personally. None of them have been able to corroborate the scale of the attack which supposedly occurred. I mean, what they saw sitting in a tank certainly doesn’t prove the whole thing happened. Besides, they are old and some are senile, obviously they cannot be trusted as witnesses. Therefore I maintain the invasion never occurred.
  • I know, there are so many history books that claim it happened; however they were all written by humans. Humans err all the time. Therefore I maintain the invasion never happened.
  • Some of the things described simply cannot be accepted as factual by any sane human. People jumping from airplanes? Thousands of ships? I mean, come on, really? Therefore I maintain the invasion never occurred.
  • Even though it never happened, If it had happened it would have been the biggest moral failure in the history of the world. I mean, invading another country and killing all of those people? Monstrous, really. Therefore I maintain the invasion never occurred.
  • None of the accounts seem to match up. Discrepancies, you know. I have read some books and they just don’t agree on things like specific times, how many people were there, how many got killed and so forth. The accounts don’t match precisely. Therefore I maintain the invasion never occurred.

Friends and family, I have been the victim of horrible indoctrination about this fiendish lie. Not only that, but I have devoted my life to spreading the lie yet further. All I can say is…I’m sorry.

Disclaimer: Just kidding OK?