It’s Friday, and time for this continuing study of Genesis by KD Manes. Blessings and enjoy!


First, Jacob would iron out the physical details of his trip (vs. 3-8). When he learns of Esau coming to meet him, he divides the people and animals into two groups. If Esau attacks, he thought, the group that is left may escape (vs. 8).

Jacob sends messengers on ahead to shower his brother with gifts. He applies wisdom in the wording that he instructs his servants to use: He calls Esau “lord” and humbles himself as his servant.

Maybe, just maybe, he could buy Esau’s favor. Perhaps the 550-plus animals would be viewed as an act of reconciliation. Or maybe Esau would realize that Jacob isn’t returning for his inheritance after all since Jacob is already wealthy…..Read the rest of the post here: Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau, Genesis 32:1-21