Are you one of the walking dead? A great post here by a new blogging friend Caroline Smith. Blessings and enjoy!


I grew up in a funeral home, where on any given day maybe 12 feet away from where my siblings and I were eating, watching TV, doing homework, or arguing about whose turn it was to do whatever, a dead body lay. Not in the same room…that would be weird…but in a room beneath our living quarters.

Below us, in the dead quarters, lay the lifeless remains of one, sometimes two or three individuals who had recently met the fate that awaits us all. My siblings and I periodically were a lot closer than 12 feet from the dead bodies and so were familiar with their heavily made up, expressionless faces and cold, folded hands. Nothing going on in there, we knew.

I wonder sometimes how many dead people each of us come in contact with, on any given day. Walking dead, that is. Because just as our bodies either have life or don’t, and that is quite easy to discern, our spirits are counted either as alive or dead, but that is not so easy to discern. A body you can see; a spirit is immaterial and invisible.

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