Are we expecting a harvest? A great post from Robert Hansen at My God My Music My Life

I was looking at our garden to get an idea of what to plant where this year. I didn’t do so well last year. It was the first year I planted the seeds, my wife usually does. I either planted them too deep or we bought a bunch of bad seeds. I can’t imagine all the seeds we bought were bad so I would have to say the former.

The only thing that produced all summer was broccoli. By the end of summer we had a bunch of tomatoes and peppers come up. We finally had lettuce after I reseeded the area. Everything else was pretty much a dud. Unlike the year before when we had abundance and gave a lot away.

Strangely enough we had carrots pop up. I didn’t plant carrots. The wife planted carrot seeds the year before but we didn’t get any. Now two years later, they were here.

I have big plans this year for a big harvest. I ripped out the raised beds and will be tilling the area so wish me luck. I believe, I know, the wife will be planting the seeds. She obviously can do that a lot better than I can.

Isn’t our walk with Jesus a lot like a garden……read the rest of the post here: My God My Music My Life-Expecting a Harvest