Well, it’s day 3 of the Spring Break vacation and the fun continues. Before we get into day 3 activities, we have to go back a day for a small item that almost put a real damper on our vacation. Percy the cat was NOT happy to see everybody packing up. Animals must sense things like that, because Percy really, really wanted to go!


Percy didn’t get packed, but maybe we should have. Somehow Sunday night Percy, who is very good with doors, managed to knock open the back door of the house and get up underneath it. So, we got a frantic phone call from the in laws saying, “Percy has absconded!” Even though we knew he would just stay under the house, Sunday night was not a good night, as we were all just very worried poor Percy was going to get eaten by a dog. Thankfully, this morning, the grown boy child who stayed home lured him out and returned him to his rightful place.

The women folk went to the outlet malls and shopped today. Woot woot. I stayed in the room and just relaxed LOL. Our other great adventure was meeting the glass repair guys in the motel parking lot to repair the windshield that got taken out by a flying rock on the freeway from Chatanooga to Gatlinburg. Small deductible and all was well.

Things did take a turn for the better this evening, as we go to see one of our favorite attractions, stampede logo!

Now, this is just one great show. It’s a dinner show, and has great food. I was not forced to go eat any buildings tonight after we left. Here is what we had stampede food.jpg

The great thing is, one doesn’t have to use utensils; in fact, they don’t HAVE utensils. Finger food city. Right up my alley for sure. Dixie Stampede is just a great show complete with North/South competition, pig races, chicken chasing, and some really excellent horsemanship.


stampede fire


Overall, a great day. Tomorrow is cheesy day. We are going to do some real touristy things like the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, The Ripley’s Haunted House, and mini golf. What can I say, we like touristy stuff.

Continued well wishes to all of my friends still working for a living this week.