Wait you say, where did day 1 go? Well day 1 wasn’t really about much. We drove, checked into a motel, ate supper and went to bed. Actually, eating supper and going to be are things that I personally find fairly fun, but not really how I would describe vacation. I can do that at home.

Actually, day one does bear some mention as we didn’t go to Gatlinburgat first as my earlier post said we were. Our first stop was in seedo_chattanooga.jpg lovely Chatanooga, TN.

No, we didn’t take a wrong turn! We made a stop so that this morning we could attend Sunday Worship at Riverside Baptist Church Riverside.jpg

Now, Riverside Baptist Church isn’t just any church, but happens to the the church pastored by my blogging friend Brother Anthony Baker anthony from the Recovering Legalist BlogBrother Anthony preached a truly great sermon on this Palm Sunday on The Cross, what it meant, and why it was necessary. In fact, unless he does it first, the content of that sermon is destined to become a blog post.

As bonus points, not only did I get to see my friend Brother Anthony, but our mutual friend James Neff James.jpg From the Men of One Accord Blog  came down and had worship with us. After a good service the three of us, our spouses and several children did what good church goers all do if they can after church, and that is go have lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Me Anthony and James2.jpg

I really don’t know what to say about this, except that to get the chance to fellowship with friends I have met through the blog world in person was just great!

After we wrapped that up we all parted ways and we headed north to Gatlinburg, checked in to our motel and went about the business of getting something to eat. There are an amazing number of places to choose from in Gatlinburg and we only have 5 days, so it was rather a tough decision. I have heard someone say that Gatlinburg is like Branson on steroids, and that is a very good description of it. Branson’s main strip is a two lane road, and Gatlinburg’s is six, so that should kind of give an idea what we have here.

Any way, back to supper now. We were hungry and extreme hunger demands a buffet sometimes, especially when nobody can really agree on what to eat. The problem is buffets can be extremely iffy. If they are good, they can be really good; if they are bad they can be really bad. Well, we found one with a rather fancy sounding name and headed on over with high hopes. Sadly, they were hopes soon to be crushed by lukewarm food, surly service, overcooked meats, and mushy vegetables. This is a picture of me after we left in my efforts to find something to eat, as I left quite hungry.

King Kong.jpg