jesus is god

Like almost any doctrine considered to be central and core to traditional orthodox Christianity, the Doctrine of the Divinity of Jesus Christ has been under assault almost from the beginning of the New Testament church age. Yet, there is almost no Doctrine more tied to the core of true Christian faith than this one. Without it, there basically is no Christian faith as it has been traditionally known.

I had said we would discuss some of the more major assaults on this concept, and we will. Rather than me spending the next 20 years developing the ability to relay some of these thoughts and then representing them in some coherent form, my plan today is to briefly describe some of them and provide some links for further reading by readers.

One of the more prominent sources I use for this is the website. It is simply a smorgasbord of good articles about traditional, true, orthodox Christianity.  Also, I use the website of the Christian Research Institute. This is not an endorsement of full agreement with all things on those sites, but they are a great place to seek information. There are also some other sites I will link to which provide some great thoughts on this rather difficult topic.

Some say this Doctrine was a made up one, occurring at the demand of the Emperor Constantine simply to bring peace to his empire. That is one of the more common arguments made by those who want to disbelieve this critical doctrine. The facts of the matter are that critical doctrines were not voted on and decided at the various councils in the early years of the church; things which had been known and taught from the beginning were simply reinforced.

Did the Council of Nicea vote Jesus as God?

What occurred at the Council of Nicea?

What Really Happened at Nicea?

There are many alternative views presented to the Divinity of Jesus Christ, all of which are proven to be quite wrong and mistaken according to Scripture.Here are some good links on some of the more important early controversies concerning the Deity of Jesus Christ?

What is Arianism?

What are Docetism, Apollinarianism, Ebionism, and Eutychianism?

The controversy surrounding the Divinity of Jesus Christ was hardly resolved in the early centuries of the church, but has remained a heresy which has reared it’s head over and over again. Even today, true believers have found themselves having to argue with people like theologian Bart Ehrman and author Dan Brown to maintain purity in the truth.

Bart Ehrman and the Divinity of Jesus

Jesus Christ Do We Have the Real Story?

The Divinity of Christ

There is a lot of information on those links, and links within those could keep a reader occupied for months if not years. I will check back in a decade or so, and we will talk about them all.

Okay, not really. Next we will take a look at some very simple, very real reasons why the Divinity of Jesus Christ is, and has been, under attack since the very beginning of the church. After that, we will begin to cover, very simply, just how God’s Word clearly teaches that Jesus Christ was, in fact, God.

Until next week, Peace