Some of the comments on the original post on this question were so good, I just had to keep going! Here are some thoughts various readers had about what was posted, and they did a great job of bringing out additional thoughts on this subject.

Brother Roland Ledoux had the following to say about how to really get into The Bible effectively:

“I might add just one point to your “how to do list” and that would be when you meditate, take more than just one verse, think about the main thought in a paragraph (they’re identified in most Bibles) which protects you from taking something out of context and getting caught up in “religious fad” and meditate on the “thought or spirit” behind the words and not JUST the words themselves!”

Pam Witzemann had the following to say (referencing an earlier conversation where she quite accurately said that without daily washing on God’s Word we can get pretty stinky!):

“If you want to stay clean and smell pretty, you have to use some soap!;-)”

Finally, Brother Jim from over at the Domain For Truth had some great input on some distractions which are diverting our young men from the study of God’s Word and the path of purity:

“It is a heavy burden for me to see my generation and those younger. I feel there is less responsibility, more easily entertained, apathetic and an uphill battle with the onslaught of video games, senseless Youtube and pornography”

Thanks to all for these great comments and additions to this post! By they way? Everybody go check out those great blogs, links are there for your use.