This was a well considered, thoughtful post on the role of giving financially in the life of a New Testament believer. I found this over at Mike’s Place on the Web.


Scores of books have been written on the importance of the tithe. Tithing – the idea that as Christians we owe God one tenth of all our income – is how many churches establish their operating budgets. Before we pay any taxes or bills, we are obligated to pay God His ten percent first. The blessing is that He lets us keep the rest for ourselves. That all sounds like a pretty good deal. Except it’s wrong. Christians are not obligated to tithe. In terms of our giving to the church every Sunday, that’s either really good news or bad, depending on how look at things. In fact, according to the New Testament, God isn’t concerned one wit about Christians giving ten percent of their income to Him. He wants it all………Read the rest of the post here: Generous Giving | Mike’s Place on the Web