By David from David’s Theology

Time and time again the question of inerrancy comes up. This is surprising given the fact that 2 Timothy 3:16 is clear that all Scripture is God-Breathed.  God is the author of Scripture. So to question inerrancy is to question God.

Do we believe in a God that errs? Or do we believe in a God that is perfect in every way? This is a huge question with massive implications. If we have a God that errs, we cannot rely on Him for anything. If that be the case, what is our hope of salvation?

There are some who say that parts of the Bible are inerrant while others are not. The problem with this theory is, how do you decide which is which? The answer is simple, the Bible is all or nothing. We do not get to pick and choose which parts are true or correct. They all are. That is not to say that people do not abuse that fact, they do. People on both sides of the aisle abuse this by taking certain laws and saying we must still follow them today or be a hypocrite, or worse, in danger of eternal damnation. However, these stances are horrible examples of good interpretive work.

In the final analysis, we must affirm inerrancy as believers. If we do not, we have no basis for our faith and no reason to believe the message within the pages of the Bible.

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