This post isn’t really about anything, Well it is. It is about the power and Glory of God. My church is really just a small country church. It’s been around for a little over 150 years now, so it’s been a steady factor in the tiny spot in the road it sits in, sandwiched between two halves of a cemetery of the same age. When I arrived there, the church was in only the second building it had ever been in, and that one was probably 50 years old. It was small, and we were packed! If we had 100 people come to church we sat elbow to elbow in the pews; if more than that came, we had to open the doors to the classrooms and turn all the chairs around so people could sit. On the other hand, we are not a wealthy church; we are just country people making a living and doing the best we can, as the song says. Building a new building at a time when commodity prices were going through the roof was a very scary thought. Yet, we had no doubt it was what God had called us to do as a congregation. So, we secured a loan and got busy.

Now most churches in our work don’t contract for a Turn key job when a new building is built. Nobody can afford that. We are kind of like the Amish, it’s almost an old fashioned barn raising. We have real experts among us in other churches who give up substantial parts of their lives to do just that. They are our mission builders. They are full time missionaries whose mission is building for churches. The fellow who runs the Mission Builders gave up a hugely successful contracting business to take his family on the road full time to build churches. Can we say dedication and real sacrifice here?

I just wanted to share something of a photo story of our building journey. We broke ground on this building in 2011, and only these few years later, not only is this project complete and occupied for almost three years now, but we ARE COMPLETELY DEBT FREE!!! That is serious proof that we did just what God intended us to do.