Well, as readers may remember, a while back we got a new member of our family named Percy. Here is Percy way back then.


I wrote about Percy’s entry into our family in This Post

Well Percy has changed just a little bit, and it seemed like time for an update.



wpid-wp-1440371175408.jpgPercy has had quite an odyssey since he arrived in our home, to say the least. As you recall, my lovely wife was NOT a fan of house pets at all. She had never had one, and did not really want one. Also notable about my lovely wife is she has this wonderful voice that seems to attract toddlers and animals as if she were a magnet. Interesting huh?

At any rate, it seems appropriate now to run through some of the steps Percy the Cat has taken in his climb up the family hierarchy.

Ok…we will get a cat, but we are going to fix him up a room and he has to say there. He can only come out if somebody is with him
OK…he can come out by himself, but he can’t TOUCH anything!
OK…he can wander around all he wants, but HE CAN’T GET ON ANYTHING!
OK fine….he can get on the couch. But PUT A BLANKET DOWN FIRST!
Ok..no blanket…but only that spot there on the arm. And NEVER in my spot.
Ok..fine. He can get on anything but he better not get on me and NOT IN MY BED!!

Well, one day as she was napping in the recliner, guess who decided to hop up in somebody’s lap to join in the nap? Yep, that’s right. One eye opened, then the other. Percy Stared, she stared. It was a standoff. Then:

Ok…but I am NOT touching him.
OK…but if he gets in the bed, your side only

Get the trend developing here?

And  now the final step!

Percy Poooooo…get up here and get in this bed with me!

I kid you not. Truth IS stranger than fiction.