By: ColorStorm at The Naked Truth

Some say apes and humans are darn near brothers. Okaaaay. Of course the reason people cling to this is to leave God out completely. They share a common heritage it is said…………their dna is almost identical in the gene pool, so it goes.  Yea, and the hyena is darn near human because of his snickering laughter. Please.

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Conversations quickly degenerate into who brings the most amusing nonsense, while the gorilla oblivious to the stupidity of men wanting to steal his identity, walks about simply being what he has always been, and always will be:  a gorilla. Yep, and the same way the whale roams about the real estate of the seas doing what he knows best: just living as a whale. And the eagle? You get the drift.

The difference that disallows the ape or chimp from ever becoming human is courtesy of the wisdom of the Creator, and exposes the foolishness of man.

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