1 Kings 17:1

And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.

Elijah who? That is a good question really. In our previous devotion we discussed the depths of rebellion into which the Israelites had descended. They were ruled by the most Evil and unGodly King since the Kingdom had divided, and Idolatry and sin of every sort was rampant in the land. Then, seemingly out of nowhere pops this man, Elijah to proclaim boldly to King Ahab the pronouncement of God’s judgment upon the nation. Wow.

What do we know for sure? He was a Tishbite, from Gilead. Nothing is noted about his parentage, or anything else. We don’t even know for sure exactly where his hometown was even located!

He certainly made a grand entrance, and quite a grand exit as well. In 2 Kings Chapter 2, we can read how Elijah was taken by God in a fiery chariot to Heaven. God must consider him to have been of some importance, as he appeared with Moses at the Transfiguration of our Lord  in Matthew Chapter 17.

What can we infer perhaps about Elijah.? Well, it seems he was, in many ways, just like the rest of us. He was a man of strong passion, and strong emotion. He was even a man of fear, as we see later after his show down with the Prophets of Baal. When threatened with death by the evil Jezebel, Elijah succumbed to his fatigue and fear and became depressed. He man have been a tough, hard man, as he seems to have lived mostly alone in the desert for a good piece of the three year drought God judged Israel with. Comparison is made between Elijah and John the Baptist, also a rough tough man of the wild.

What is the point? There is nothing to really indicate that Elijah was special or specially gifted or endowed in any way. Apparently, Elijah’s gift was simply that he responded to God’s call. Elijah was one man, willing to step into the gap.

Who is our Elijah now? Of course, we aren’t likely to see a prophet such as him, but the need for one, or many like him is in place now as it was then. God still wants that, and I suspect He wants it now as much as ever. One man, one woman, one family, or one church willing to step into the gap and boldly proclaim God’s word to a nation gone astray.

Who will be an Elijah today?