Well, as I stated a little over a week ago, I was planning on being absent for a bit while we had our annual Revival at my church. I must say, I am glad I took the time off, because I know now that focusing on that, and that alone, was what The Lord preferred that I do.

It’s over now. That is, the event we call revival is over. Of course, we will have one next year, just as we always do. Heck if somebody gets really fired up, we might even have TWO revivals! The event has ended, but has the Revival? Maybe the question is; Has the Revival even begun? What happened during the last week? Where are we going with what happened? Did anything actually happen? As you can see, my mind is simply bubbling with thoughts that even to me seem to make little organized sense. Since I fancy myself a writer, writing them down and tossing them out seems to be a proper response. Please bear with me if they are somewhat disjointed and disorganized.

First things first. Any week when I get to go to God’s House for worship and fellowship seven times in one week is just a good week. I love the local church, and truly believe that is where God primarily would have me to be to worship Him. The location is irrelevant, but God clearly desires that we gather in local, called out assemblies of believers to worship Him and perform His works. Now, that is from God’s standpoint. From my stand point, things just get better. I clearly understand church is not about me, but the God who loves me so much has made it so that I am blessed and filled with joy by it. That is just very cool. What’s it in for me?

I get to learn about God and HIs Word.

I get to be with the people of God who I love dearly.

I get my focus back on God instead of the world

I get to pray for others and they pray for me. There is power in corporate prayer, I believe.

I get to sing. Singing God’s praises in song is awesome, but even more so with a multitude of voices lifted up together.

I get to hear God’s Word preached. I am convicted regarding the things I need to do, and I learn how to get them done. I am exhorted, commanded, and encouraged in the direction I need to go.

The music, ah, the music. I already mentioned I love the music. Call me old fashioned, but next to prayer, picking up an old time Hymn book and singing together about things pulled directly from God’s Word is uplifting and edifying in ways that simply cannot be expressed. I love to hear others sing. Some of the individual special music touches like nothing else. I must add, we have the best music director on the planet. If a person pays any attention to what they are singing, they will quickly see that what we sing are not just random assortments of songs she likes, but they always have a point, a theme, and a message. You could almost say we get two sermons for the price of one. One is in song, and the other is in spoken words.

The message, or the point of the whole thing. The powerful, true, convicting presentation of God’s Word. This weeks messages were all preached from 1 Kings and relayed the story of the Prophet Elijah from his calling by God up until his confrontation with Ahab and the prophets of Baal. The message was entitled. “The Elijah Factor, How One Man Made a Difference.” If any readers have not really read the story, I strongly encourage you to do so. We see one man, living in an unGodly nation. We see one man called by God for a mission. We see one man who answered that call, willing to move forward in the face of daunting odds and great opposition. Over the next little bit, in our morning devotionals, we will explore this great story in some detail.

Okay. We had an event called Revival. Big deal. Now that the event is over, is the Revival over? Well, earlier in our series on this topic, I made it clear that Revival is NOT just an event; it is NOT just a thing we do once a year, or maybe twice if we get really excited. To be revived is a lifestyle, not a happening. Now that the happening is over, will we take what we heard and become changed? Or Monday morning will we be be the same as we were last Monday when we walked into the church building? Let’s take a look at some things quickly:

We live in a Godless nation, filled with sin and transgression of every sort.

We face opposition from the Godless, often it is heated and hateful.

We all have been called to stand, and to take a stand. Not all will answer, but we have all been called.

One man, one woman, one family, or one church can make a difference

What are you doing next week? Next month? Till the day you draw your last breath?