I like to republish this post from time to time on a Sunday. Tonight is closing program for our Vacation Bible School last week. For those reading who know where to come, I sure hope to see you there!

The following quote is from an article I read about an event that actually happened last year, in 2013 called National Back to Church Sunday

“Right now is a perfect time to sign up and get your church engaged in this energy-filled project,” said Scott Evans, founder and CEO of Outreach, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of church communications resources and one of the founders of National Back to Church Sunday. “Make your decision and get your team on board – there are many resources available, many by download you could have today. It’s a great way to kickstart your own fall programming and bless your community.”

“Remember, although most people in America have been to church, only about 20% attend regularly,” he continued. “Yet research shows most people would try it if someone just invited them.” Read the entire article here(I left this link, but it apparently has become dead)

If you are a believer, having been saved by the God’s grace through His Son Jesus Christ, you should be almost desperate for the chance to be in God’s House.  Like the deer in the woods you should be panting for Him. I wrote about that here.

There are many, many good reasons to choose to be in God’s house on Sunday and also many reasons we come up with to not be there. The reasons to go are good and valid, and the excuses for not going are just lame. I wrote on that in this article.

The writer of the quoted article made the point that most people would at least show up if someone invited them; my own personal experience shows that to be true. In fact, my own salvation ultimately happened because a friend and coworker just kept on inviting me to church. She was always so sweet and kind that I finally went just so she would stop asking! God’s plans are great, aren’t they?

Anyway, if you aren’t planning on going to church this morning, consider this your official invitation. I am pretty sure I have had some folks reading this Blog who might not be planning on going. I invite you. This will later appear on Facebook, where I know for sure there are people reading it who are not yet planning to go to church this morning. You are invited.

Saved person, you know that by not coming to church you are thumbing your nose in God’s face. No matter how you pretend, your relationship with Him will never be what it could be if you ignore that very important part of your service to Him.

My non believing friends and family: Some of you reject the truth but yet you have never actually taken the time to hear the truth presented. I know that personally as well. I beg you, find you a Bible believing church and be there this morning; your entire eternity could change.