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Are you sleeping?

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The Lions Den

Animals sleep as a reward for labor; or they simply sleep because they want to.

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God gave humans the gift of sleep as the same rest from labor, to heal and grow, to prepare for tomorrow, but far too often sleep is needed to give us a break from our egos. That being the case, you could wonder how some people ever wake up.

Evidence of an exaggerated ego? It appears for a person to say ‘there is no God,’ this is quite a stretch being that life is proof enough.

Ms Wisp observed when speaking of God in her post:   https://violetwisp.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/the-emperors-new-clothes/

‘We can’t see him, hear him, touch him, smell him, measure him or detect him in any way. Christians are still convinced he’s there.’

Ah no, we can see him, we can hear Him, we can touch, smell, measure, and detect Him in EVERY way; we simply…

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