Revival….every night this week except Tuesday! All welcome!

Today’s lesson is just going to be a very short one, and oddly enough I have not included a scripture, as these are really just my idle thoughts on this matter.

Reading the above, as it was seen on a church sign a couple of years ago just made the question arise in my mind: “So…what happens Tuesday? Does everybody have to get re revived come Wednesday?” And is re revived a real word? Okay, I am sure readers get the point.

As I said in the introduction to our study here, I had a commenter make the remark that for years he considered revival simply something he attended. That is still true, in that for many churches revival is simply something they do once a year to punch the revival ticket.  So, just some random thoughts here:

Revival is not something a church does, it is something the Holy Spirit causes to happen to a church.

I don’t go to revival, I become revived.

Next week we are going to take a look at some more revival related issues and I want to leave readers with some things to ponder. Feel free to leave a comment in advance if you have something you want to say. I have had a couple of readers raise some very valid points about the entire validity of the very concept of revival. I think the point was more or less that as true New Testament churches, why do we need revival? Is it even Biblical? If we are conducting our work as we should, shouldn’t we be alive and vibrant all of the time?

Think on it and leave me a comment if you have something to say.