Yesterday, Julie over at LIght and Life posted a great post about the God given joy of wonderful food. And another blogger, Sandra chimed in with some thoughts as well. We specifically got to talking about coffee.

Now, I love coffee. I love coffee in every variety and of every type. I don’t love so much the Starbucks kind of coffee, although it has its place. My Keurig Coffee maker and I are best friends. Well, ok, we are very close friends. My actual best friend is my Thermos which I use to carry coffee with me during the work day.

When do I drink coffee? When does the Earth spin on its axis? Odds are high that if I am awake I will have a cup, although I do try to cut myself off around 7 at night. It’s not the caffeine that wakes me up, it’s the bathroom breaks!

Did I mention I love coffee?

Ok, now let’s get serious for a few moments. God gave me coffee. Back in eternity past God, as He looked to the future, knew I would be here and He knew how much I would love coffee. That concept itself makes my head hurt, but it is a fact.

What had to happen to give me coffee? I’m no biologist, but some things had to happen to give me coffee. Even now, so many things in tandem have to occur just so that I can have a cup of coffee. How could those things have happened by random chance? The idea is preposterous!

God created the plant, which created the bean, which gave me coffee. God created the man who would some day find that those beans were really tasty when roasted and steeped in hot water. The list goes on, until eventually I have my Thermos filled.

God put many things here for us to enjoy, and He even implanted in us the desire to have and enjoy them. Food, beverages, sex, art, music; the list goes on and on. In fact, the list is all inclusive, because if it exists, it exists because God created it.

It’s not the desire itself, of even the things we desire that is the problem. Problem one comes when we enjoy anything in excess, inappropriately, or at the expense of God. Problem two is the converse to that, as that comes from excess legalism which causes us to say some things are wrong simply because they are enjoyable.