I was doing some Blog reading today and ran across a really great article on Hipanthigh. There is great writing there; readers should check it out. I am not going to be talking about the subject he did in his post, as not much can be added. But some of introductory material really got my mind churning.

This post is simply an open invitation for somebody to explain some things to me. The explanation is probably going to have to come from some of my atheist/humanist commenters, as it’s their view of things I am curious about.

By the way, I am looking for an explanation. I’m not looking to challenge or argue..yet. I want a reasonable answer for some serious questions. So, I don’t want you to harp on me about how stupid my faith is; I get plenty of that in comments. I want to hear what YOU have to say about a topic, not what you think about what I say.

On a very simple level, there are only two world views. And it’s simple because I am simple. If you want deep philosophy move on to another blog.

View one is a Theist view. Now, we aren’t talking about what god is the real God here, just the Theist view in general. This is the view that some Supreme Being is in charge of things. Maybe sort of loosely in charge, maybe very much in the details in charge, but in charge. Under this view this Supreme Being created all of this, in one degree or another. Under the Theist model, our Supreme Being also sets the moral tone for things.

View two would be the Humanist view. Under this umbrella we can find secularism, atheism and evolutionary thought. I’m not a scientist either, so don’t start on me okay? This view holds that nobody created anything. The actual origin of the universe is unknown but what happened after that unknown thing is all because of random chance combined with mutation combined with time. That is the evolutionary model in a nutshell to my simple mind. At any rate, we were not designed by anything whatsoever.

So, we are all just collections of random cells with no other purpose than to evolve and improve with time, right? Under this model there is no purpose to any existence other than what allows it to continue and to improve, right? Survival of the fittest is certainly the best way to improve species, right? There is not a universal moral code or law, only what works best for individual collections of cells, right? Or expand that out and it might become what is best for a few million individual collections of cells living in some place we call a country, right?

So, if you and I are cell collections living in the caves next to each other and I like your cave better, it is perfectly fine for me to kill you and take your cave is it not? In reality, the very fact that I can kill you is proof that I am better if you think about it.

Let’s expand here. Okay, we still live in next door caves. Not only am I going to kill you and take your cave, but I am going to take your woman too. The fact that I can just proves she is better off raising little cave people  with me does it not?

Let’s expand more. I am going to kill you, steal your cave and your woman, and get rid of the children too. They were obviously from a faulty gene pool were they not?

Let’s really expand here. Your country has valuable resources and mine does not. So, because we are so superior, we are going to move in, kill you all and take the resources. That’s fair is it not? Survival of the fittest country applies.

If we are just random cell collections with nothing more to motivate us than what propagates us, then there is no wrong. Everything is okay, as long as the better collections of cells prevail.

So my question is simply this: Is there actually defined,universal evil and immorality or not? And if there is not, how come you all use moral judgements to question the nature of a God you deny even exists?