A few good reviews of some movies, TV and music we might or might not want to see. From the Plugged In Website.



Ouija Rated PG 13

As kids, best friends Debbie and Laine used to play with Laine’s Ouija board. It was merely a creepy little diversion since neither of them really believed the game was connecting them to “other side.” So it was just the eerie idea that some ghostly figure had its invisible hand on the planchette with theirs—moving the plastic pointer from letter to letter on the board—that kept them going at it, giggling all the while. Continue reading the full review here.

Do we really want our 13 year olds watching movies about the occult and folks trying to make contact with dead spirits?


Carrie Underwood-Something in the Water

It’s a refreshing contrast.

So many young stars begin their careers talking winsomely about their faith only to seemingly move as far away from it as possible. But Carrie Underwood, the down-to-earth country girl next door from Checotah, Okla., has come full circle with “Something in the Water,” a faith-doused song added on to her first Greatest Hits album .Continue reading the full review here.

With so much inappropriate music out there, it’s nice to see that some performers seem to have hung on to what really matters.


Black Jesus TV MA

Jesus hung out with sinners all the time. But He never sinned. Cartoon Network’s Black Jesus, on the other hand, hangs out with sinners and sins with them.

And that’s a problem. Read the rest of the review here.

Can you say blasphemy?

Why don’t the folks running for office ever talk about their qualifications?


Senator Pryor, Tom Cotton may have made some questionable votes on some issues…..but do you actually believe he hates women?


Your turn Mr. Cotton. America thanks you for your service, and that is the truth. But, really, how does being a ranger qualify you to be a Senator? As a veteran myself, this bothers me.

It would be nice to hear one of them say what makes him qualified to be our Senator instead of hurling meanness at each other.

Frank Schaefer wins final reinstatement with Methodists


(RNS) Seven years after officiating at the wedding of his gay son, the Rev. Frank Schaefer has been reinstated as a clergyman in the United Methodist Church.

The denomination’s top court upheld a June decision to reinstate Schaefer’s ministerial credentials after a trial court defrocked the Pennsylvania pastor last year. Read the rest of the article here.


This is in case you want to get your Theology from a Hollywood actor


Moses was “likely schizophrenic” and “one of the most barbaric individuals,” says Christian Bale, who plays Moses in “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” the latest in a series of biblically-based or inspired films. Director Ridley Scott adds that in his movie, the parting of the Red Sea will be caused by an earthquake, and not by God or Moses. Read the rest of the article here.

Good to know I can put away all my commentaries now. I have Christian Bale and Ridley Scott to keep me straight!

The first Duggar daughter gets married

Photo:Discovery Press
Photo:Discovery Press

Tonight, fans of “19 Kids & Counting” will be able to see Jill Duggar wed Derick Dillard in a special episode that features the couple deciding on and agreeing to have a unique, covenant marriage.

A covenant marriage license is available only in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Arizona and allows for more opportunities for couples who want to ensure that they stay together through thick and thin. It requires a couple to have special premarital counseling and agreeing to seek counseling should they ever consider separating or divorcing. According to TLC, covenant marriages “do not permit no-fault divorces, or divorces that are granted without evidence that the marital contract was broken.” Read the rest of the article here.

Some may have their opinions about the Duggars, but they are cute.

We are rightly concerned about the assault on Biblical marriage that is going on in this country with the looming universal legalization of gay marriage, but the first big assault on Biblical marriage took place in 1969 in California when Ronald Reagan signed into law our nation’s first No Fault Divorce Law…Just saying.

Its hard for Christians to be credible when some of us are so stupid!


 MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A minister in Alabama is refusing to step down despite being voted out after he admitted from the pulpit last month that he has the AIDS virus and that he has been engaging in sexual activity with members of the congregation. Read the rest of the article here.

No comment; none is needed

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